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Okay I’ve gots some photos for ya!

I spent a long time on these photos, categorizing and explaining things.  They’re not as detailed as you like, but hey I do what I can.  Below are two slideshows of my trips to Retiro and my trip to Segovia this past Saturday.  I didn’t sort them in order, because I didn’t want to, but you can figure it out, I hope! 🙂

[imagebrowser id=4]

[imagebrowser id=5]

My life has been busy. I’ve been traveling and watching soccer matches at night in the bars.  Sunday night a group of us watched the Superbowl (started at 12:00-4:30); it was fun.  This week is looking to be fun, nothing special planned just going day by day.  We might get to go to a Real Madrid game this Wednesday, but that’s still in the works.

Give me some feedback on what you want to know, see or something I can do better to help you experience my time here with me.  Lots-o-love!

  1. megan says:

    I will comment, because, I am a blogger too, and blogs without comments are sad, I know. It makes you think no one cares. But we do. Oh we do.
    I just want you to know that I looked at every single picture. And I appreciated the captions and titles. Although, I would appreciate if you could try to make the captions more witty. 😉
    Everything in Spain is so ugly. I don’t know how you can stand to look at it. I would gouge my eyes out at the sight of one more scenic view, if I were in your shoes.
    I have a few questions though,
    Where does one go to the bathroom inside the Crystal Palace? That seems awkward. Come to think of it, “awkward” is awkward.
    Have you heard the peacock’s mating call? Please try to learn it, it will be one of those life skills you will have always.
    Also, and this is for real… if it isn’t too much trouble… if when you post something for the exponent could you just put a link to it on this website. I have no life to speak of and I would really like to read them as the come. And it is simply too much trouble for me to check periodically on my own.
    Thanks again!
    peace, love and rainbows.

  2. Mary Mills says:

    My favorite site was the winking kid! Really, I love just seeing what you are seeing. I appreciate the captions and what you thought. Am curious about the playground equipment-you know me the teacher of preschoolers. Glad that you are getting to see so much. Take care and love you-Mamma

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