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Oh Granada, Oh Granada, how I love me some tapanada (tapas?)!

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Alrighty! So Granada. Granada is a city in southern Spain. It is famous for it’s Alhambra fortress, Flamenco music, and tapas (free appetizers). We had a blast. The group consisted of Eduardo, Karla, Abby, Katie (PU), Emily (Wis.), and Kayla (IU). Some of us stayed only one night and others stayed 2. Our hostel was called Funky backpackers and it was a four story 4-6 bedroom place. People could and did paint on the walls and lets just say the first person that gave us advice on where to go was probably stoned! It was 15.75 Euros a night, a bargain, and perfect for our needs.
The hostel told us about several tours to take to get a good look at Granada. We did a cave tour with a guy from Israel who has travelled the world studying music, a tapas tour, and a town tour with a guy from London who moved to Granada two years previous. Each tour had its ups and downs, but all were relatively good.
My favorite one was a tour of the caves and we ended at the top of a hill across from the Alhambra at sun down, so cool! I have a few pictures, but it was something you needed to see in person. The Alhambra was also something amazing, but hard to capture on picture. The art and richness of the design was ridiculous!
The pictures are above, but before I go I must confess that we were late for our returning bus to Madrid. After discovering our mistake, we hurried to the bus station and luckily they had other seats. My favorite part of this story is that after we had acquired our new seats and were waiting for the bus, all of us began talking about what sucked in Spain and what foods and things we missed. It was like it was Spain’s fault that we were idiots and couldn’t read military time correctly. It was fun never the less and we all felt better after. We live and we learn, but after it happening once and your heart beating 50x faster because you’re in another country, I will always double-check my leaving time. The end; until next post!

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