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Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is the other city we went to visit during our stay in Scotland.  It was very much more a city with awesome architecture and a lot of modern things, the number one being shopping.  The city was packed with shopping centers, streets and stores all offering the best and newest in the shopping and merchandise world.  They had a very impressive cathedral and the Glasgow University was very impressive.  It made me think that after all there are so many colleges and universities much older than any in the U.S.

Overall however, the city provided us with a lot of walk, every thing was spread out and us poor students decided to walk everywhere.  We were very tried by the end and finished the day with drinks and appetizers in a local pub and a walk another walk along the river.  One of the best parts of the city was our hostel.  While they were a little away from the center, they were very friendly, offered advice and tips and served us an awesome breakfast.  Cheers to them!

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After traveling across some of Europe I have to say that the Celtic isle have been my favorite.  The people are friendly, the travel was easy, the landscape was gorgeous and the food was delicious.  I might even go as far as to say the Edinburgh was my FAVORITE city that I’ve been too.

Anywho, more adventures to come. I head to northern spain the following week and then my parents and aunt come to visit and travel for a month, I can’t wait!


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