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Edinburgh, Scotland

So I wrote this a few days ago but lacked internet and so I’m posting this and then adding photos later:

Scotland has been amazing, get here was another story, but actually being here is so cool.  To get here we had to connect to another flight from London.  We were on perfect time with only a hour layover in between.  The problem came when our flight leaving Madrid was an hour delayed and that turned into a mad sprint through London customs, airport security and finally down the long hallway to our flight which we got to wait for us.  I’ve never run through an airport quite like this and I’d like never to repeat it.  We technically got off our plan from Madrid when our other flight was suppose to close the gate.  We successfully turned an average 30-minute experience of customs and security to a 15-minute mad dash!  Long story short, we survived, made our plan and safely found our lodgings for the night with not further problems.

We spent all of Sunday walking around Edinburgh. We took a walking tour guide to all the historic areas of town and hear really fun and interesting stories.  Then we headed up to the castle and strolled through the many museums and exhibits as well as the castle, royal jewels of Scotland and the Stone of Destiny used in crowning the kings and queens of the UK.  We met up with some friends of my travel companion and wandered the city, climbs some hills, tried some Scottish Whiskey and ate some Haggis (ground up leftovers of sheep and cow baked in the stomach of a sheep; it kinda tasted like meatloaf).

One of the most fun parts of our trip was venturing into the café where J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, first began writing here novels.  We even went and had coffee and cake and looked onto the Edinburgh castle as we relaxed like she did.  We also saw the school that gave her the inspiration for Hogwarts and many a gravestone that may or may not represent character names from the book.  IT was so cool to be in the place where HP all started, the café was called the Elephant house.

In the evening we took a ghost tour of the city venturing across the river and stomping through the graveyards and haunted areas of Edinburgh, on of the most haunted cities in the world.  After hearing some creepy tales and spooky legends we headed to the pubs to try some Scottish beers and enjoy some live music.

Edinburgh has to be the most cozy, wonderfully overcast little city with a bundle up and try our soup kinda feel. I love exploring the streets and as always the people where more than friendly!  I think I like the northern countries more and more.  I could even picture myself living in Edinburgh.

I’m currently writing this on the bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow our next and final city in Scotland. As the very green landscape passes with the unique, but not all together different array of buses and trees I can’t help but say I do indeed love this country.  I look forward to our day and a half in Glasgow and I’m sure I’ll have more stories to come!

I know there are a lot of photos, but I didn’t want to sort them all so maybe take a break and then come back to the amazing photos present! 🙂

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