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Just a quick update

Hello everyone. Yep I’m still in Spain, it’s been 6 months and 5 days that I’ve been here! Crazy right?

I just wanted to update you on my doings and give you a heads up for my next adventures.  This past week was spent coming back from Ireland, taking my FINAL test (EVER!!!) at least for school, and then relaxing.  I did a little spring cleaning and got rid of a bunch of junk I’d been keeping around for school. It’s amazing I didn’t need some things right (sarcasm).  It’s crazy how much junk can pile up!

So from Tuesday morning after my test until today (Saturday morning) I’ve just been relaxing, reading, cooking some good meals, sun bathing and hanging out with friends.  I suppose that’s what people in Madrid do when they’ve got nothing to do.  All my roommates are moved out now, but my landlord and I are finally talking more and he’s crazy.  In the “Wow, you talk a lot about weird things” not the “I lock my door to not talk to you” way.  He’s heading to Italy for a week, while I’m leaving for Scotland today.

A friend and I will be in Scotland from Saturday until Tuesday.  We’re staying two nights in Edinburgh and then taking a bus to Glasgow for a day stay.  It should be a really fun trip.  It’s the last trip for Karla, the girl with whom I’m going, and we might even meet up with a friend I made in Ireland, oh the world is so small!

I’m coming back Tuesday afternoon helping Karla pack up and leaving Wednesday morning and then I’m planning a trip to northern Spain (Galicia specifically) as my final adventure without the rents.

Sadly, however, I’m slowly running out of money to travel and enjoy. So my travels from here on will have to be subtle or less expense or something.  I’m looking forward to hanging with the Parents and of course my Aunt Mary Lain for a month as we travel Spain and the seas of the Mediterranean.  I can’t wait to show them Madrid!

The weather is getting warmer and then have gotten a little toasty outside.  We were in the 90’s all week long.  It’s not bad, it’s nice to have some summer like temps, but the whole no air conditioning is troublesome some times.  Luckily with the apartment to my self, I’ve been able to open every window and get a quick breeze strolling through my home sweet home in Madrid.

So in others words, not a lot happening, but I’m sure I’ll have lots to share about Scotland and Galicia. Until next post! Have a grand weekend!


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