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Ireland Day 2+3: Incredible

So Ireland has definitely made me want to tell you all what I’ve been doing.  Look two posts in less than a week!  I have to say I simply LOVED Ireland.  The tour was great, our guide was really fun to hang out with Séan Óg and Ireland is such a natural beauty.  Overall my tour included a little of Dublin, Rock of Cashel, the Blarney Castle, Killarney, Dingle Peninsula, Coumeenole Beach, Country Clare Ennis, the Cliffs of Moher(with crazy weather), the Burren and Galway!  It was a packed 3 days, but so very much fun.  I met people from all over including: Australia, Canada, Arizona, San Diego, Florida and North Carolina.  The Americans were fun, the Canadians were interesting and the Aussies were a freakin’ blast.  In other words everyone was cool but the Aussies drank with me.

Guinness has been a favorite of mine as an average drink though I usually prefer Blue Moon on a day-to-day basis.  In Ireland though Guinness is awesomer-er…they also have a great sampling of other beers, but Guinness is my favorite.  Oh and the food is amazing I’ve had fresh fish and chips, Irish Stew and a seafood chowder.  I’m thinking I could live happy and healthy in Ireland for a while. 🙂

This was a trip that I’ve really wanted to take and it’s been a lot of fun.  I’ve had no problems getting anywhere or surprises for any of my plans.  I’m a little jealous of any one who got to study/ stay here for a while, cheers to you!

I head back to Madrid on Monday afternoon to study and take my final, final of my life maybe?  Then the next weekend I’m off to Scotland for a few days.  The funds are running low, but man was it worth the spending.  Looking back through my semester I’ve been able to check out so many cool places and see so many great things.  I’m also looking forward to the adventures with the rents.  I’m absolutely positive that memories will definitely be made and all for the better!

Check out the photos from my last two days.  I know there are a lot, but it was so beautiful and I think I got some good ones of myself.  All the best to home!

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