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Ireland Day 1: The Irish way of life.

Oh the Irish country.  Ireland is plan out right awesome.  The land is beautiful, the people are friendly and the food has flavor!  I flew in on Thursday night to chill and take in a little of Dublin.  I sampled the local fare of Irish stew and a Guinness and then explored the city a little.  The party part of the city reminds me of a small section of La Latina in Madrid, but filled with loud, fun music, Irish accents and joyful laughter (drunken might be more accurate).

I turned in semi-early as the check-in for my tour bus was at 8:15.  I woke up to a good hostel breakfast, I mean that seriously and not sarcastically, and headed to meet up for the bus.  I found the meeting place easily and check-in and getting on the bus were smooth and sweet.  I got a whole seat to myself (as in two seats to myself, better said a row) and was able to really relax.  We played get to know you games and were able to learn about some Irish history and check out the landscape.  Our first stop was a small Irish town for coffee and then we arrived at the Rock of Cashel, the throne of the Kings of Munster.  All the cities here are fun and invaiting and the people are so very nice and friendly.  The English language and the more comfortable culture might help too! J

From there we took a long drive through the countryside listening to Celtic music and song and made our way to the Blarney Castle.  I made it to the stone, leaned all the way back and gave the blessed rock a slobbery kiss.  In actuality, it was much less graceful and quite cold, but never the less fun, even if it’s super touristy.  After all I’m a tourist!  I met some new friends and spend lunch and the rest of the day with them.

After Blarney we bused over to Killarney and took a walk to the Ross Castle, a castle on the edge of a lake.  We walked through a nature preserve and had a blast getting to know each other and telling stories and experiences.  After getting back we went for dinner and came back to our hostel to rest before going out tonight.  The plan is going to see a CRAZY Irish man tell tales and then maybe some pints afterward.  I’m pumped!

Please note that yes I did get a haircut and yes I did it my self.  A first time for everything, yeah?  I hope all is well and I’m sure I’ll be telling more! Cheers!

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