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Spring break 3/3: Barfing in Barcelona

The final leg of my spring break was a two-day tour of Barcelona, Spain.  Barcelona is known as the modern city of Spain.  It’s up beat, on the beach; modern architecture and night life make Barcelona a pretty cool place to be.

The city count: one.

Arriving by bus, an 8 hour trip.

The hostel was located and directions were printed.

Word: Vomit

We arrived in Barcelona in the afternoon.  We quickly checked into our hostel and then went right away to see the Sagrada Familia.  A famous not yet complete church started by Gaudí, one of the most famous architects in Barcelona.  The church was really amazing and had a completely different feel than the ancient Cathedrals more commonly found throughout Spain.  We met our Australian friend Pim for dinner and then walked around the city by night.  Checking out all the Gaudí buildings lit up at night.  Then the fun part starts.

We decided to head in early to rest up for the next day.  The thing with hostels is you never know what you’re going to get.  The less you pay the more risky the situation.  Our situation seemed to be okay, until 2:30 a.m.  Three of us were staying in a room of 8.  Snoring and sleepy noises filled the air until a strong cough woke everyone in the room.

The cough turned into a serious of coughs that then broke into vomiting on the bed and then on the floor.  The scariest part was not knowing from what bed it was coming.  I wasn’t sure if I’d have vomit dripping from the bed above me or pooling from the bed across from me.  The saddest thing was the bathroom was two, TWO feet from the guy’s bed.  After discovering the culprit, my sleepy mind thought that he would clean up after himself.  The clean up was more of a swirl on the floor and removal of the bed sheets.  A minute later the sound of a train running through a city erupted the room as snoring commenced again at a sonic volume.

I don’t think I every really got back to sleep.  One of my companions was fast asleep the whole time and the other shocked awake by the vomit and snoring was awake form 3:00 a.m. until we got up.  In the morning there was no apology, no further clean up, no “yeah, you didn’t dream that.  I threw up on my bed, the floor and my self.”  No, I had to double check I hadn’t dreamed the whole thing up.  We decided to switch rooms.

After the startling night we ventured again into the city checking out more Gaudí works, riding bikes and even went to the beach.  Our day was greatly improved as an unattractive woman proceeded to strip to her undies, frolic in the ocean (completely losing her thong and recovery at the last second) and then strolled up the beach to promptly release her bosoms to the world.  I’m all for the European style of life, I’d even understand if the weather had been better, but it was heavily overcast skies.

We were not the only ones laughing hysterically as this woman proceeded to flaunt what SHE shouldn’t have been flaunting to the world.  Multiple groups on the beach watched as the scene unfolded.  Don’t get me wrong; if you’ve got it show it.  I’m not against nudism as a whole.  I just feel this woman should have kept the bra, pants and shirt on for the afternoon.  At that point, I supposed I felt like I had experienced Europe to it’s fullest; in a weird way.

Our tour of Barcelona ended with dinner and a restful night sleep.  Overall my spring break was adventurous.  I learned a lot about traveling, about myself and about planning for the worst-case scenario.  After my finals end around the beginning of June, I hope to travel again.  The journey took a toll on soul and wallet, but the experience was well worth it.

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