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Let’s play catch up!

I’m not even going to fake apologize for not posting,  I’ve been busy…

I’m trying to play catch up after a busy two week period.  Two weeks ago I finished midterm exams.  They were not fun, but that’s why I’m here right? maybe?  After exams we took a little excursion to the region in Spain called Extremadura.  It’s southwest of Madrid and is known for it’s continuos excavations of ancient buildings and such.  It was a lot of fun and more importantly prepaid through my program.

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After the weekend trip, I came back to one day of class and then Brad and Meghan showed up.  They spent a week in Madrid living it up and loving every minute.  At least they told me that so let me know if they say differently.  In there short time here they managed to do all of the following:

  • Visit smaller towns Ávila, Toledo, and Segovia
  • Go to a Real Madrid Fútbol game
  • Wander Madrid and visit the Parque del Oeste y Retiro (the kings park).  We even took naps in the wonderful weather.
  • Go to a Flamenco show
  • Visit El Rastro, the biggest outdoor market in Europe
  • Eat at the Oldest Restaurant in the World, Botin
  • Go to a Bull fight
  • Sample the many bars and establishments (including Tapas)
  • Go out for a night at Kapital

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Not to mention they had beautiful weather, like in the 70’s.  I kinda wish my visit to Spain was with such awesome weather and fun things!  I do think they had a blast and it was a lot of fun to show my big brother around for once.  They are safely back to their busy work lives!

Once they left on Tuesday I’ve returned to normal.  School and such, being late on writing my blogs oh and planning my Spring Break!  My itinerary includes:

  • Tour of Italy: Verona, Venice & Rome
  • Sevilla, Spain: For Semana Santa
  • Unknown destination for 4 days: Maybe Legoland or Istanbul or something else…

I’ll try to post to while I’m traveling, but I can’t make any promises. I hope everyone is doing well and I love and miss you and the States a little bit.  Brad and Meghan brought me 2 Dr. Peppers so that should tide me over for awhile.  Have a great week and weekend and week again and I hope school and work and such goes wonderfully!


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