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Las Fallas en Valencia Spain Part 2 of 2

I thought I had more things to show you, but alas I don’t for Las Fallas.  Here are some picture from our place and the beach.  It was an awesome weekend.  We did the beach on Saturday and Las Fallas at night and then Sunday we when to the Museum of Arts and Sciences.  I accidentally put those picture with the rest and don’t really want to rearrange them.  🙂

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Life has been super busy here.  I have exams coming up next week, Brad and Meghan come in 12 days and I have lots of things to catch up on.  This past Wednesday I went on my first field trip in college.  It was a blast and I’ll have pictures up in a day!  I hope every one is doing well and surviving without me. 🙂 I know life is a little boring without my entertainment, but we can all live through it I promise!

My parents are finishing their plans for their month long vacation here.  Now I just need to do my part and translate/ cover our butts if they do anything inappropriate or if they cross some cultural norm.  I just have this image of my dad driving in Europe getting into a crash and then I have to translate. See below:

Dad: What were you thinking? You hit me head on!

Me: Qué estaba pensando?, me golpeó!

Guy: Cursing and yelling in incoherent spanish.

Me: Dad, he says he’s angry.

Hopefully that doesn’t come to pass.  🙂

More to come tomorrow!

  1. megan says:

    I wouldn’t worry Grant, it is likely that your mom will be driving, and it is likely that she will already know them.

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